Family Photo Friday!

Recently I’ve been getting over a bad cold. Chickens are great medicine for a cold. In the evening, I’ve been letting them play in a new section of the backyard. While I call it “play,” for them it is serious business. They are on the hunt for anything that is moving and edible!

So as you can see, they really don’t have time to pose for any photos, and so I mostly to take a closeup of their beautifully patterned feathers! That’s Amelia, my Barred Rock, on the right and Emily, my Golden Laced Wyandotte, on the left.

This reminds me of one of my favorite posts from earlier this year. These are definitely “curious tail feathers,” wouldn’t you say?

I can’t resist sharing one more photo because it really was a toss-up between which of these to share today. That’s Emily, my Golden Laced Wyandotte (again), on the left and Gracie, one of my two Buff Orpingtons, on the right.

Hmm…Emily must have been feeling particularly photogenic to be in both! Perhaps you can understand why Gracie says her fluff feathers are like a ballet tutu if you use your imagination just a little?

Anyway, I do hope my chickens are like medicine for you too and particularly for those of you who are just not feeling your “wing-flapping best” right now. Sitting with a little flock of chickens is just about the best “take your mind off your troubles” low-tech entertainment there is, and I hope we always have room for visitors in our backyard, even if only visiting through our stories and photos.