Family Photo Friday!

Family Photo Friday

This is probably a “hold onto your heart” photo even though it doesn’t have any cute baby chicks in it. I came across this while considering how to bring some of these posts together into a possible book. This photo is both sad and happy for me, though much more happy than sad. I still miss these two that I raised from hatchlings, but their new home was what was best for them.

In the foreground is Lefty, my big boy who had begun to crow and had to move out to the country. (Roosters aren’t allowed in my city, only no more than six hens.) Then there is Rudy who I had to take to be with him for companionship. (As bold and sure of himself as he was, he got very lonely very quickly! Since then, they have raised many baby chicks of their own.) In the back is Otis, a big gentle dog. He was genuinely glad to have his own chickens to watch over and protect from predators.

Lefty and Rudy were the start of a real farm. Their new family then added more chickens and eventually ducks, quail, pigs, and goats. This week, they have been caring for and bottle-feeding a baby calf who lost her momma.

It’s interesting how things often have a way of turning out for the best all by themselves. Lefty is finally the real “cock-a-doodle-doing” farm rooster he was hatched to be!

If you’re thinking of starting a farm, just get a big gentle farm dog like Otis and a spirited rooster like Lefty. The rest just might fall into place!

Family Photo Friday!

Family Photo Friday

Hold onto your heart, and get ready to count! How many baby chicks can you find in this photo? Believe it or not, there are fourteen!

This was taken when Gracie and her hatchmates were not even a month old while out for a backyard excursion. The portable playpen kept their exploration confined so I wasn’t chasing baby chicks in a dozen different directions.

After a long period of playing, everyone decided it would be good to take a nap in the last sunny spot left for them as their play area became filled with shadows. You can see how they like to cuddle up close and how they sometimes like to rest their heads on one another.

These were some of the best days of my life. It was when the answer to the question, “What are you going to do today?” always had the answer, “I’m going to take my chickens outside to play!”

Those were wonderful days when my little chicks were learning about their world and I was learning about them. They were such joyful days for all of us.

And if you weren’t able to find all fourteen, did you find the one little chick who fell asleep before making it to the others?

Family Photo Friday!

Family Photo Friday

Would you say there seems to be a little competition between Amelia and Bessie to see who gets to stand on top of my shoes now that Gracie has thoroughly checked them out?

But remember, those shoelaces could turn into earthworms at any moment! Or there could be a treat in my hand that no one else knows about! Actually it was just a cup of morning coffee. How disappointing!

Have a great Friday, everyone!