My Life With Gracie…Of Light and Life and Love

Of Light and Life and Love

With the First Sunday of Advent and the First Night of Hanukkah coinciding this year, it may be a good time to consider Light and Life and Love…regardless of faith tradition…and even if you don’t have a faith tradition at all.

With my chickens, they depend on light.

It means their life. They can’t see anything without it. They don’t have night vision like the raccoons and opossums and foxes which try to get to them in the darkness.

It also means their love. Everything they love is bathed in light with each new day…their garden, their friends, and of course, their food!

Since I’ve never asked them, I’m not sure what my chicken think about the flashlight I use to check on them in the night.

Perhaps it is like a small piece of the sun to serve as a reminder in even the darkest night that their next new long-awaited day will come. Perhaps it is a bit of comfort and hope to hold onto until all is right with the world once more.

You and I, we can be like that for others.

The world…not just the chicken world, but the people world too…needs a bit of comfort and hope until all is right with the world once more. Perhaps that is one meaning of Advent and one meaning of Hanukkah too.

My Life With Gracie brought me a new appreciation of Light and Life and Love.

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Of Light and Life and Love