Family Photo Friday!

Family Photo Friday

Yes, you’re right! That is not a chicken. It’s a young crow, and one of our new bird friends.

This little sweetheart showed up on my screened-in front porch last Friday morning, and I’m still unsure how. Maybe the door wasn’t closed all of the way when the newspaper was delivered or something like that.

I would not have known she was there if it hadn’t been for the sound of her wings beating against the porch screening. She didn’t seem to mind being picked up and held for a moment while she caught her breath. Her heart was beating so hard that it felt as if it filled her entire body.

She was quite gentle with me and didn’t try to peck me. Even her small sharp talons barely gripped my finger. She seemed relieved and knew that I would help her, not hurt her. When I opened my hands at the porch door, she flew off towards the little river branch across the street.

In all the time that I’ve lived in this house, nothing like this has ever happened. Our visitor’s timing is very interesting because of a recent short series of story posts titled “Just Farm Animals.” These were about Gracie and some crows. (You may want to read Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them.)

Crows seemed like they would be a “natural” as bad characters for a story. Yet one of our readers, the author of “The Red Box,” shared a different perspective on these remarkable birds. Crows and ravens are viewed very differently in her area of Germany when compared to my area of the States.

Here we think of crows as scavengers and pests who rob our cornfields. But in Northern Europe they can be viewed as messengers who represent memories and thoughts. As the author of “The Red Box” shared with me, “Only fearless personalities can deal with information and news about trends or changes because you have to face the possibility that in response to the changing world, you and your life will need to change too….no matter if you like it or not.”

One aspect of writing on the WordPress platform which I enjoy most is being able to exchange ideas which help to shape my writing. I am now considering adding another crow to our story, one who will be a positive messenger who assists one of my chickens in some way to make a change which will help answer the questions of her heart and then find her destiny.

Please visit “The Red Box where you will find a wide variety of carefully curated articles and posts, including some original drawings and poems. (Anything in German is always accompanied by an English translation.) You may even want to leave a message to say, “Hi! Gracie sent me!”

This is a sketch of a possible friendly crow character. Interestingly, baby crows have blue eyes. This changes as they mature. This crow will keep her blue eyes as she grows older as a sign of being special and being able to see things differently than my chickens and the other crows who had been bothering Gracie.

In this drawing she is somewhat scruffy to match this snippet of dialogue which was written well before this little treasure visited my house: “You may be my only friend…and my only hope,” the crow said to Gracie.

Isn’t it interesting how life and writing can intertwine?