My Life With Gracie…When Gifts Cost

When Gifts Cost

Before I had my own chickens, I had no idea what is involved with laying an egg. Pearl had no idea either.

She was so excited when her hatch-mate Blanche got ready to lay an egg for the first time. She would follow her around closer than usual to the point where Blanche couldn’t find a private spot to get herself ready for whatever was ahead.

I’m not sure which was more happier when Blanche finished laying her first egg. Blanche was of course happy because she was finally over the long, new, “What’s happening to me?” kind of experience. Pearl was just fascinated by the whole thing and seemed to be thinking, “At last we are real hens like the others!” (It didn’t occur to Pearl that Blanche was now officially a hen while she was still a pullet.)

Pearl, as usual, was overjoyed. Up until when she was ready to lay her own first egg, she would climb into the nesting box with Blanche and pretend to lay an egg with her. Always she had the same “Look at us!” expression on her face, while Blanche’s was more “You just have no idea!” I know chickens aren’t really able to do facial expressions like people, but I do believe Pearl was grinning, just as surely as Blanche was rolling her eyes in disbelief.

What Pearl (and I) didn’t know is eggs don’t just “drop out” like bubble gum from a vending machine. It’s not always easy and it’s not always comfortable.

Eventually Pearl laid her first egg, and she learned every good gift comes with some kind of discomfort and perhaps pain. Every valuable gift costs someone something. Sometimes it’s money or time or effort, but always it costs something of the other person, a part of themselves. But it is a part of themselves that they willingly give up for love.

My Life With Gracie woke me up to how the best gifts cost…us.

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When Gifts Cost

My Life With Gracie…Just What We Do

Just What We Do

Of all my chickens, Pearl is the one who most enjoys being a chicken. She enjoys her “chicken-ness” to the utmost! Being the youngest and last to become egg-laying hens, she and Blanche were very inquisitive about the whole “nesting box thing.” But, of course, Pearl took even that to the extreme!

Laying eggs was the biggest mystery of all time as far as Pearl was concerned. She made quite a nuisance of herself too trying to see just how it is done. She would climb right into the nesting box with Gracie or Bessie to get a closer look at whatever it was they were doing in secret.

If laying eggs was part of being a chicken, then Pearl wanted to do that too! She just couldn’t quite figure out how it worked. All I could really do was tell her “Stop rolling those eggs around!” (Somehow that was supposed to help her understand where eggs came from.) “Stop poking around back there! Give her some privacy!” (This is something Pearl still does not understand.)

When she decided to sit with Gracie or Bessie in the nesting box, she seemed frustrated nothing was happening for her like it was for them. She even tried making egg-laying noises, but no egg appeared. It did seem to help when I told her, “Don’t worry, Sweetie. You’ll know what to do when the time comes.”

Maybe that’s the way it is with giving gifts too. We are designed to give. It’s just what we do. When it’s time to give, everything just falls into place and we figure out what to give and how to give it.

Chickens give the gift of eggs. At least that’s the way I look at it, and I try to always tell them, “Thank you so much.”

And people? Well, I think perhaps the greatest gift a person can give is the gift of words. Words can heal. Words can restore. Words can build. Words can give hope. Words can change a life.

My Life With Gracie gave me a new look at how we are made to give.

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Just What We Do