“How To Explain Christmas To Chickens” is our most recently published book. Pearl simply could not figure out how to be a good normal chicken. Blanche was her best and only friend who would tell her, “You just have a heaping helping of what makes a chicken a chicken. That’s all.” 

After losing Blanche, Pearl’s unstoppable curiosity leads her to explore her neighborhood to find out what Christmas is all about. She finds The Bottle Cap Lady’s house which has more lights and decorations than any other in the neighborhood, but only Pearl can give a gift of light to reach the sad darkness in The bottle Cap Lady’s heart. But will she give up her own Christmas wish to help The Bottle Cap Lady?

“How To Explain Christmas To Chickens” is now available through Amazon around the world!
64 pages, 6 inches x 9 inches, 10 chapters, full-color illustrations, matte cover


“Seasons Of Friendship” was our first book. The stories in this collection take place over a single year and tell how a group of chickens became a family of friends. Gracie’s transformation “from least to leader” unfolds in their beautiful garden home.

“Seasons Of Friendship” is available as an eBook or paperback exclusively through Barnes & Noble.

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Special Note: We are currently working on a second edition of “Seasons Of Friendship” with completely new illustrations, a stronger storyline, and perhaps even a new title. Once that book has been published, “Seasons Of Friendship” will no longer be available, so get it while you can!