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“Free Eggs and Cartoons!” is sort of our slogan here. It’s just what we are about…along with a little “Chicken Wisdom.”

Each week whenever possible, my chickens and I give away half-dozen cartons of the best “city eggs” anywhere! (We would put them up against “country eggs” any day of the week!)

These go to friends, neighbors, and even strangers who might need something to brighten their day. (I always try to remind people to wear sunglasses before cracking them open because the yolks are that intense!)

We don’t charge anything, and not just because our city won’t allow it. We genuinely believe in giving and giving our very best.

Nevertheless some people still want to contribute something back to the girls for their hard work. How incredibly nice!

So I started a “Buy My Life With Grace A Bag of Chicken Scratch Fund” webpage for just that purpose. It didn’t seem quite right for the girls to do all the work, so I started drawing cartoons on this “My Life With Gracie” website.

If you would like to contribute towards our “Bag of Chicken Scratch Fund” for whatever reason, we would all certainly appreciate your kindness. We also have a few “Thank-You” gifts for your generosity as well!

Thank you!

Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Amelia, Emily (Chickens)…and John (Cartoonist)