About Living With Nature

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Honestly, I didn’t know much about how animals designated for human food are treated until I did some research after I started raising some chickens one spring. I had always associated protesting animal cruelty with “crazy vegetarians.”

While I don’t intend this page to be a debate about this topic, I think it’s important for readers to know where I stand. The more time I spend with my chickens, the more I want to protect animals from humankind’s insensitive behavior.

My chickens are only for egg-laying. They will never be food. I’ve promised them that. Even after they become too old to be productive egg-layers, I’ve promised them a nice retirement plan.

They are my pets and my friends. I want to protect them from predators and my own lack of knowledge and thoughtlessness.

My chickens and I depend on each other. I feed them and tend to them and keep them entertained. We have pleasant conversations and they give me eggs and “garden gold” for the best garden ever. The garden attracts insects that pollinate my flowers and vegetables and give the chickens extra tasty treats.

I give away extra eggs for free to friends, neighbors, people at work, and anyone who might need a little help making ends meet. This also gives me a chance to share how much better it is for all farm animals to be treated well. The eggs my girls produce are really much better because of their varied diet and how much they are loved.

My Life With Gracie let me see it’s possible to live cooperatively with nature and stay connected to its bounty.