I have been unsure what to have as a first post for a new year. Usually I will begin the year with a retrospective look at popular posts from the previous year, but 2020 was an odd year and this first week of 2021 has been an even odder week. And so I am beginning the year by sharing the book my chickens have been reading and reading again.

“Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts” by Steve Smallman was a gift to ourselves for Christmas, and we couldn’t be happier! This is currently our newest, most treasured book. My chickens and I unanimously say, “We love you, Little Bunny!”

As you can see from the picture, it is a small book, about 6 inches by 6 inches. It is in the little maple rocking chair my grandparents bought for me when I was very young. I would have loved this book back then, even before I had learned to read.

The illustrations are charming and delightful. They beautifully express the emotions that are a part of life, both on a bad day and on a good day. You will likely want to turn the pages slowly to enjoy the short lines of poetry that accompany each drawing of Little Bunny. This is a great “pre-reader” book because a child can still read the pictures and make up the words that go with them.

This book is filled with wisdom as Little Bunny’s day goes from having a not-so-good day to having a phenomenally good day. Little Bunny shows us it’s all in how we look at things. We can turn an “ears-down” day into an “ears-up” day.

Steve Smallman, the book’s author and illustrator, has created what I believe will be a treasured classic. My chickens and I certainly treasure it! This is a book I wish I had written and illustrated, but there is only one Little Bunny, and there is only one Steve Smallman!

“Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts” is what I call a “sit beside and read to” book. That is how it is best shared with very young children, but probably in a much bigger rocking chair than the one in today’s photo! They will enjoy the drawings. They will enjoy the rhyming words. They will love Little Bunny. And they will especially love you for sitting beside them and sharing this exceptional book.

You too are likely to find yourself saying, if only to yourself, “I love you, Little Bunny.” At least that’s what all of my chickens have said every time I’ve read this book to them.

“Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts” is available through Amazon. You can use this link to see the Amazon preview of the inside of the book and order a copy as a gift…even if only for yourself!

Signed copies are also available through the publisher and there is also a great video that gives an idea of what the book is like inside on the publisher’s website.

Seriously, can you look at the cover of this book and not smile right along with Little Bunny? I bet you can’t!

11 thoughts on “Gracie’s Best Ever Reading List-“Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts”

  1. Looks like a winner for my 13 month old grandson whose favorite thing in the world is books. He’s even got to saying, “Buh” to indicate what he wants and that is only as important as “Brrrm” for all moving vehicles as well as the blender or food processor. This one is surely destined to go into his rapidly growing library. His parents quote the text of all his favorites to him while cooking in the kitchen or folding laundry, which he loves to hear, He turns his books right side up because he knows how the pictures should look and awkwardly flips pages until he reaches his best beloved illustration and then chortles to himself as he must hear the words and put together the meaning inside his head. One of those favorites is about a bunny and it sounds like this “up ears, down ears” bunny will also take root in his heart. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  2. Looks like a good one for the grandchildren when we have our delayed Christmas – fingers crossed for Easter. (Failing that, maybe Summer, like my daughter in New Zealand.)


    1. I think your grandchildren would love Little Bunny, and the message of the book is a good one to hold onto throughout life. Thanks for reading and commenting. Always good to hear from you!


    2. By the way, you and several others have fallen off of my “Following” list somehow. I’ve been thinking you were all taking a break from posting. Hope to catch up this weekend!


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