“Gracie’s Special Reading List” shares self-published or independently published books, often by authors who have sites here at WordPress. This is to promote other indie writers who have something valuable to contribute even though not traditionally published.

“Pond People” is exactly the kind of book I would have wanted to read as a fourth grade student. And look at that! There is my fourth grade dictionary, a Thorndike-Barnhart Junior Dictionary!

And if I had been reading this book when I was in the fourth grade, I would have pulled out my dictionary, and turned to this page to find out what the word “mirling” means and maybe even find a picture of one. And you know what? It wouldn’t have been in there. No definition. No picture. See? Nothing there! “Mirling” belongs between “mire” and “mirror,” but it’s not there.

But even though I would not have been able to find “mirling” in my elementary school dictionary, you would never have been able to convince me that there is no such thing as a mirling. Reading this book would have let me know without any doubt that mirlings exist, and I would certainly find one, maybe more than one, the next time I visited Brittles Mill Pond, the only pond close to our house.

One of the things that I like most about this book is that it does not feel a need to take readers to a far-off distant place or another world “somewhere out there.” It encourages readers to use their imaginations right here and now, right where they are, and whether they are exploring around a pond or collecting bits of nature right in their own backyard.

This book is so well-written that it is easy to get lost in its watery and mysterious world with Molly and Flash. (My chickens love Molly and Flash. They have definitely divided themselves into two groups. Some are “Molly Fans.” Others are “Flash Fans.”) The books author, Cathy Cade, has done a beautiful job of filling its pages with all of the imaginative wonderment that makes childhood special. Cathy posts here on WordPress, and if you’d like to preview some of her writing and excerpts from this book, please visit her site. 

I do have a special affection for this book because Cathy gave me the opportunity to do the artwork for her cover as a gift of appreciation for her writing. She also helps other writers within the Whittlesey Wordsmiths group and provides numerous posts to guide other indie writers and self-publishing authors around the world.

Hopefully the cover illustration for “Pond People” gives a feeling of mystery and beauty that matches the truly excellent story found inside. A cover can draw a reader in, but it’s the written words inside that will keep the reader turning the pages. Cathy does that exceedingly well. Seriously, how suspenseful is this?!?

As Molly launched, a paw descended, dark as death. She found herself hurtling into a swipe that would scoop both fish and mirling out of the water.

“A paw” refers to a cat’s paw, and all my chickens were on the edge of their perch when I read this part to them. They couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next! (Cats and chickens are rarely best friends.)

Why not visit Cathy’s website titled Writing Wrinkles? I’m sure she would appreciate it if you said “Hi!” And don’t forget to consider purchasing her book on Amazon! My chickens and I would really appreciate your support of Cathy and her work.

And I’ll bet you too will be likely to try and spy a mirling or two the next time you pass by a pond!

One more thing…I’m still looking for at least one more indie author to help with a free book cover. Maybe that’s you?  

14 thoughts on “Gracie’s Special Reading List…“Pond People” by Cathy Cade

  1. What a wonderful review – Thank you so much. I trust you and your chickens will have a great Christmas, Lockdown or not.
    With eight hours notice, most of the UK is now in tier 4 lockdown (don’t ask – it’s a new one, just added in time for Christmas) but we can still celebrate the season with those we love to live with.

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