Last Saturday’s post probably needs some explaining. I’ve never posted just a drawing here before without any words to go with it. My usual routine is to get a drawing set up for posting and then to add the text the next morning before the “schedule” time arrives. But obviously that didn’t happen last weekend! I headed off to the grocery store without even remembering to add one word of text to go with the title and drawing!

So today, I’ll explain how that one sentence held up an entire book the way I had planned to do last Saturday.

I like using Barnes & Noble Press. It’s a nice website and easier for me to use than Amazon’s KDP. (That’s just me though.) Before I uploaded what I thought was the final version with all of my edits, I was reading through the online proof and realized I needed to add that sentence.

“Suddenly Pearl was glad to be exactly who she was.”

I had felt before that the story needed that sentence but was unsure where to put it. When I found a “just right” place for that sentence, I quickly typed it in and started all of my uploading to Barnes & Nobles Press.

So the next day while waiting for my files to be reviewed and confirmed, I read through the proof that I had received and found that I had added that sentence much too quickly with a huge typing error.

I had to wait for Barnes & Noble to review and confirm my files before I could upload a correction. For days and days, I would check but the files hadn’t been confirmed so that I could move ahead with correcting that huge error.

But there is a problem with their system. It’s been going on for days and days now, maybe for weeks. It’s like everything is “stuck.” I can’t upload new files. I can’t delete the book and start again.

The B&N Press Team provides regular updates and apologies, and I do appreciate them working on the problem. Please understand I’m not grumbling or complaining. I’m just saying to everyone, “Double check, triple check, quadruple check before you click any ‘submit’ or ‘approve’ button!”

Another lesson learned!

So what was the “right place” for that sentence? It was not at the end even though the end of the story is a happy one. (After all, it is a story about Christmas!) It just did not feel correct for Pearl’s gladness to be exactly who she is after receiving a gift. Instead, She feels gladness to be exactly who she is before giving a gift. It is when she realizes she is the only one who can give a particular gift.

That just seems to be the best way to look at things. We are all different and exactly who we are because of what we can give, not because of what we can get.

9 thoughts on “About That Sentence…

    1. Ha! Ha! I don’t think you’re a moron. Right now, I can’t get anything to upload to KDP. I think it has something to do with the file format that the Pages app on my iPad uses. It’s all a mystery to me! (I have a much older app that will create PDF files that KDP will accept, but the quality of the PDF’s that the older app uses are very poor.) Thankfully we have more than one option!

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      1. I use the KDP Create thing that I downloaded to my computer. But I have to have it all formatted right for B&N and my brain isn’t wrapping around that. Again, I could be reading something wrong. ha! I will have to look again!

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