Family Photo Friday

For some time now “My Life With Gracie” has had as our slogan “Free Eggs (if you are close by) And Free Stories (even if you aren’t)!” It’s just sort of what we do.

Earlier this week on Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to give a half-carton of eggs to Carol, one of our very good friends at work. Then on Wednesday, we found out that she was retiring.

At the end of the day Thursday, she came to say “Good bye” to each of us still left in the office and not working from home due to Covid-19. She let me know that her husband was preparing a special dinner for them to celebrate her retirement, and that I would never guess what he was preparing.

Do you have any ideas? Well, I didn’t. I guessed a nice steak dinner or something extravagant like that. But I was wrong. He was going to prepare a “breakfast for dinner” meal featuring eggs from my girls along with sausages and fried potatoes with onions and all of their other breakfast favorites.

My girls were so excited to hear this when I got home yesterday evening. They never imagined their best gifts would be used to celebrate such a wonderful and happy occasion.

And so I was reminded again how my chickens always give their very best, even though it may seem modest and even humble to them. When I think about Carol and all of the years she has spent helping people in the healthcare field, what really stands out is how she has always given her very best, just the same as my girls. So I guess it just seems fitting in a way.

I have a great deal of gratitude today for everyone out there who always gives their very best, no matter how humble or insignificant that best may seem. We all have a part in making the world a better place, even if it’s just one egg at a time!

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18 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday

  1. Giving our very best is a wonderful mantra for the day. I wrote a song years ago and the chorus was:
    “Oh all the little things I hardly do consider, all the little things I do every day. I wonder what would happen if I started to deliver, the very best inside me I keep hidden away.” It occurs to me, this is what your chickens always do !

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  2. How wonderful for your coworker friend to share that with you. There truly is nothing like fresh eggs. I have a friend here who sells them and though my doctor advises against it I buy them once a year.

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    1. Personally, I think the quality of fresh eggs is better because of a better diet, fresh air, exercise, and lots of love! I think that my girls do their best to put those good things into their eggs, especially the “lots of love”!

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  3. In the UK the so called great and the good, are starting to find that they are no longer important to people but the humble and the ordinary are. I hope it is a lesson that won’t be forgotten.

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    1. I hope the same as well…and that the same lesson will be learned here in the U.S. Just having someone to listen and to care seems to be much more valuable than ever before, even more valuable than the items that are missing from store shelves.

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    1. Carol is a genuine sweetheart, a wonderful listener, and a wonderful storyteller too. This was actually her second retirement. She came out of her first retirement quite a few years ago to help us out when we needed her!

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  4. I don’t often get my hubby out of the house to eat (he’s in his element in lockdown) but when we’re away in the motorhome (something else that isn’t happening any time soon) he often goes for the all-day-breakfast. In self-isolation I’ve introduced it to our weekly menus.
    Himself likes an egg on his baked beans on toast too; sometimes an egg is the only protein I can sneak into his bread-loving diet (often hard-boiled between slices).

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  5. That is such a sweet story. Fresh eggs are the best. We only purchase eggs from happy chickens. If I could get them fresh and trust where they come from I would do that. 😊


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