Saturday Surprises

Here again is something a little different, and “Saturday Surprises!” seems to be the most appropriate name for this type of post. It’s just a glimpse into life here with my chickens.

These look very much like hydrangeas, but they are actually blossoms from our Chinese Showball Viburnum. The photo is taken from a “chicken’s eye view.” It was taken before the flowers have turned completely white because I like the pale green mixed with white. When this plant was smaller and in full bloom, there were hardly any stems or leaves showing, only huge white “snowballs.”

When we have a few warmer than normal days during the winter, I will be able to find small blossoms opening near the top where there is more sun. They are like a promise that spring really will come, and here is the fulfillment of that promise. Spring did come!

Definitely a “Saturday Surprise” wouldn’t you say?!?

Each post shares a glimpse into my journey as a writer and illustrator. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated! 

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