February 2020 Favorites

The beginning of a new year seems to be a good time to look back on the old and look forward to the new, and so some type of retrospective of our illustration and story posts also seems appropriate.

For me, it’s a chance to see what was successful (or not). If something resonates with readers, then I have a better feeling of being on the right track. For new readers, it’s a chance to catch up with some of the most popular posts here. For those of you who have been reading for a while, there may be something you missed or might like to revisit.

After employing a rather complicated mathematical formula along with the very reliable and soon-to-be-patented “Chicken Peck Selector,” these are the most popular posts from February 2019. (These are shown above from left to right. Links to the full illustrations and posts follow.)

First “Most Popular” Post February 2019

“What Does It Mean?” You can read it in full here if you’d like. (This was the only post for 2019 which was less about “entertaining” and more about “informing” and “persuading.” It was prompted by Blanche’s health condition and my concern about the humane treatment of  animals. It is also the only post where I pulled the original illustration and replaced it with one that would be less objectionable. In the original illustrations, rather than staring at an empty spot, Pearl was staring at a pool of spilled blood. I felt this was fine for adults, but there may be some adults who share these online stories with their children and for them, it might go too far.)

Second “Most Popular” Post February 2019

“Air Shadows You can read it in full here if you’d like. (This was one of only two posts for 2019 which moved the plot forward for Gracie’s ballet to be titled “The Rose Garden Princess.” Why only two? Although Gracie and I know what will happen, we don’t want to give away all of our secrets or the surprise ending! You may be wondering how we plan to have an entire troupe of ballet dancers shown here in our actual production. As Gracie has suggested…mirrors, lots of mirrors!)

Third “Most Popular” Post February 2019

“Pearl’s Life Coaching Flowchart #1” You can read it in full here if you’d like. (There were only two posts with Pearl’s Life Coaching Flowcharts in 2019, and it wasn’t until I did this retrospective that I realized how popular they were. They both placed in the top three in their respective months! Nice going, Pearl! Maybe it’s the hats?)

It would be difficult for me to select a personal favorite from these three because each is so different, but I did enjoy re-reading “Pearl’s Life Coaching Flowchart #1.” It highlights how Pearl never gives up. Thanks for joining me on this retrospective of our illustration and story posts. I have enjoyed this chance to look back and see what you as readers enjoyed the most!

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