January 2019 Favorites

The beginning of a new year seems to be a good time to look back on the old and look forward to the new, and so some type of retrospective of our illustration and story posts also seems appropriate.

For me, it’s a chance to see what was successful (or not). If something resonates with readers, then I have a better feeling of being on the right track. For new readers, it’s a chance to catch up with some of the most popular posts here. For those of you who have been reading for a while, there may be something you missed or might like to revisit.

After employing a rather complicated mathematical formula along with the very reliable and soon-to-be-patented “Chicken Peck Selector,” these are the most popular posts from January 2019. (These are shown above from left to right. Links to the full illustrations and posts follow.)

First “Most Popular” Post January 2019

“A Leap Of Faith” You can read it in full here if you’d like. (This story became the turning point for Gracie in our story collection titled “Seasons Of Friendship.” It is also one of my favorite of all time because it shows Gracie’s heart.)

Second “Most Popular” Post January 2019

“Lost And Not Afraid” You can read it in full here if you’d like. (For me, this continues to be a reminder to be motivated by love, not fear. It is also a reminder that we can never hold onto anyone if we truly love them. This post is one of my favorites about Amelia because it shows her at her bravest and most vulnerable.)

Third “Most Popular” Post January 2019

“But Is That Enough?” You can read it in full here if you’d like. (This is one of my favorite memories of just how special my Amelia is. Like her, we all need a home where we are loved.)

It would be difficult for me to select a personal favorite from these three. Each is special to me in its own way. Thanks for joining me on this retrospective of our illustration and story posts. I have enjoyed this chance to look back and see what you as readers enjoyed the most!


10 thoughts on “A Brief Retrospective Of January 2019

      1. That’s true! Thanks for the compliment on the artwork too. By the way, if you need something to do with your children, this is a link for a card game called “Feed The Chickens!” It was our gift to readers last year on Gracie’s and Bessie’s Hatch Day Celebration.


        Here is a story about how the game came to be.


        For their Hatchday this year, we are working on a board game similar to “Snakes And Ladders” only we are probably going to call it “Worms And Straw Bales.”

        Not much reading involved with either game since chickens can’t read. Only a little math involved since chickens can only count to six. (That’s all the toes they have to count on.)

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      2. All munching away on Dadda’s Black Grapple Jam and Peanut Butter sandwiches are present but We certainly appreciate the 2 games. We will play in the morning and let you know! Hoping all is okay. Just saving Caleb with a rather overly full mouth of chocolate brioche!!!

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