Time For Vacation
In the last year, we have posted 150 times! And 100 of those have been story posts! (The others have been just general information and special posts like our “Family Photo Friday” and “Gracie’s Summer Reading List.”) That is a lot of posts!

The girls and I will be taking a short vacation for a week or two. It will be their first vacation ever, and they are all particularly excited. We may end up at the beach, but then again, we may just stay home and play in a backyard wading pool! You seriously will not believe how difficult it is to find inflatable beach toys small enough for chickens! Flip flops are easy. Pool toys, not so easy. Then there is the whole issue of swimsuits for the beach! (That backyard plastic pool is looking a lot easier!)

We will be back from time to time, particularly with “Gracie’s Summer Reading List” posts. Poolside reading while dipping our feet and toes in the water sounds like a perfect kind of vacation.

I will also be working on our next book which I hope will be ready by late fall. It’s an expanded version of “How To Explain Christmas To Chickens.” The time away on vacation will give me an opportunity to really work on the story and the illustrations.

You may remember how one of the key characters, The Bottle Cap Lady, has a yard full of Christmas decorations which she has collected over the years. We are talking about a lot of Christmas decorations, and that will be a lot of drawing! I really do enjoy drawing Pearl. She lets me use bright and outrageous colors and props and costumes. While she may often be silly, she truly has a heart of gold.

If you’ve started following “My Life With Gracie” after those posts were shared last December, you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Pearl will still be the main character along with The Bottle Cap Lady, and you can be sure Pearl will still be her own unique self as she has always been.

Those two posts were two of the most read and most liked from all of last year. At the time, several people had told me, “John, you need to turn this into a book.” It wasn’t until Pearl died in the spring of this year, that things began to come together for this book. Because Pearl felt such great heartbreak, I knew that she would be the only one who would be able to reach The Bottle Cap Lady and help others who have had to deal with tragedy and loss.

Not to give to much of the plot away though, but here is a brief summary of this book which I’m hoping will be an inspiration to many people.

“How To Explain Christmas To Chickens”

Pearl loves being a chicken, and she loves being a comedian. Her natural curiosity leads her to explore her neighborhood. When she secretly visits The Bottle Cap Lady, she learns about Christmas in a most unusual and unforgettable way. Pearl discovers there is a Christmas gift that only she can give, but will she?

Each post shares a glimpse into my journey as a writer and illustrator. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

25 thoughts on “My Life With Gracie…Time For Vacation!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! Just taking some time today to catch up on my WordPress reading. By the way, I had seriously considered adding some snorkeling gear to this illustration! Ha! Ha! You know what they say about great minds!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Looking forward to Pearls’s adventure and the lesson learned, sounds intriguing what she find as the perfect gift 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation and the girls waddling in the inflatable pool (have you tried the dollar store for pool/beach toys..?)
    Enjoy the somewhat solitude 😉 as your creativity flows on paper… Have a happy! God bless.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I especially like the colour of the flip flops. But have you talked to the familiy about crocodiles in real life? So it is highly unlikely they will ever come across them in your backyard. But you never know, don’t you? Just relax and have fun.

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  3. I love the pink flip-flops and the “Kussmund” (“kissing lips / kiss mouth” ? Surprisingly, I couldn´t find a translation) of the inflatable crocodile!
    Certainly, you will be “kissed by the muse” (another proverb, the dictionary don`t know) but sometimes it is better just to relax and do “nothing” but breathing and recharging.
    However, your holidays are well-earned.
    Have fun! Whatever it takes to do so…😉😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much, Judi! Catching up on my WordPress reading today. Have been making what I consider to be good progress on the next book…not so easy at times when there is so much going on and demanding my attention. My girls are enjoying the extra pampering!


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