We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

When I think about the time spent reading our last book, A Wrinkle In Time, to my chickens, I believe I’ve spent just as much time reading and rereading this short picture book to them. I don’t mind though because this book is delightful. It makes me say, “I wish I had written that!”

Penelope is a young dinosaur who goes to school for the first time. She is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, known as great hunters. All of my chickens could relate to that because they are all excellent worm and bug hunters. They could not relate to school because even though we live only three blocks from an elementary school, chickens are not allowed to be students.

“Penelope is a very fortunate girl to be able to go to school. I like how she has problems just like everyone else. It’s nice how she has her own bedroom. Sometimes I wonder what that would be like. She looks really cute in her pink overalls too.” – Gracie

“I liked Penelope’s teacher. She was very accepting and fair towards Penelope, even when she ate all of her classmates. Oops! I probably shouldn’t have said that. I don’t want to give the story away. Walter was hilarious! Oops! There I go again!” – Bessie

“I would really like to have a backpack just like Penelope’s. It has ponies on it. Who doesn’t like ponies? But seriously, I can really understand how hard she tried to fit in and stay out of trouble. I would be her friend for sure. – Pearl

“One of my favorite parts was when Penelope got to do finger painting with her class. I would like to do that even though I don’t have fingers. Is there such a thing as feather painting? She had a hard time making friends even though she was the biggest in her class. I thought that was interesting because I had a hard time making friends too and I’m the smallest.” – Emily

“To be honest, I thought this was a deeply philosophical book which challenged my moral beliefs. It made me ponder the possibility of being the only chicken in a classroom filled with worms. Would my teacher tell me, ‘We don’t eat our classmates’? And if so, what would I do? Penelope definitely faced a real dilemma.” – Amelia

“We Don’t Eat Our Classmates” is suitable for ages 3 to  5, but there are plenty of chuckles for every age group. This picture book  is available through Barnes and Noble. The regular price is $17.99, however Barnes & Noble is offering it for less. Summertime discount codes offer additional savings.

Just so you know, “My Life With Gracie” isn’t getting anything from sharing this book with you. We don’t collect anything if you click the link here. Some websites work that way, but for us, it’s about reading. Children (and chickens) need to read and be read to, whether it’s what we write or not!

13 thoughts on “Gracie’s Summer Reading List…“We Don’t Eat Our Classmates” by Ryan T. Higgins

  1. My kids are too old for this book now, but it is exactly what we all would have enjoyed reading and listening too! Thank you for sharing. I am a firm believer in reading………I still read to my teens several times a week!

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    1. I think it’s great that you still read to your teens! What a great Mom! And if they ever outgrow being read to, hopefully you will have many grandchildren to read to! If so, keep this book in mind!

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  2. John, thanks for sharing another wonderful and meaningful post. All of the chickens’ responses were priceless, but I couldn’t stop laughing at Bessie’s oops and more oops. You are absolutely correct about the importance of reading for children.

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    1. Thank you, my friend! The “Oops!” comments are especially true for Bessie because when she gets really excited, she will lay an egg before it’s quite ready. Oops! I probably shouldn’t have told you that. She would be embarrassed if she ever found out I told you!

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    1. To be honest, I think the girls were being kind to me during “A Wrinkle In Time” since it is a very nostalgic book for me. They still can’t get enough of this book! (And to be honest, I read it myself yesterday morning because I needed a chuckle before heading off to work!)

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