Family Photo Friday!

Today’s “Family Photo Friday” is definitely different from the usual. In the past, I think the most you’ve seen of me has been my jeans and shoes. That is because “My Life With Gracie” is supposed to be about Gracie and my other chickens, not about me.

This photo is what you might call an “author photo,” like one you might see on the back cover of a book. It just seemed like the thing to do since this website is now a year old.

Some of the books I’ve read about being an author and being published have said you need to use an author photo somewhere in your book because your readers will want to know how you look. It’s supposed to make readers feel more connected to you.

As you may be able to tell, I didn’t feel quite comfortable with the whole idea, and so two of my “writing muses” have joined me in this photo. I did have a more serious looking photo that I was considering as a possibility, but this is the one Gracie chose. (She is making sure that I don’t look too serious by tickling my cheek.)

She thought it might be best to have a photo taken right in our own backyard under the camellias because it is a special place…

…where chickens dance ballet and dream of flying to the moon and back…

…where we can think deeper thoughts than what we may be accustomed to thinking about life and love and what it all means…

…where we can innocently hope and believe it will all make sense one day, and even if it doesn’t, we still have love for each other, and that is more than enough.

People are not so different from chickens or each other really. We are all here for one purpose…to give. The only difference might be in what we choose to give. We choose to give love from our hearts.

Each post shares a glimpse into my journey as a writer and illustrator. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

35 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday!

    1. Thanks, Will. It’s probably the white shirt. It’s hard to look bad in a white shirt, especially with a button-down collar. And of course having two of my best girls to pose with me helped a lot too!


  1. Your post has made me chuckle. It has taken me 10 months to summon up the courage to post a photo of myself on my website. I have questioned my reluctance many times and wondered whether it is because I am no longer a bright young thing and my image screams back at me “you are now your mother!” However, when I look back in my box of photos, apart from key occasions such as our wedding, I realise it has always been a thing for me. I pretty much only exist in 3 phases: as a baby, as a toddler and as my mother. Haha. I know why this is; because at about 3 years of age I perfected the photo scowl to ward off exuberant camera wielding adults. Anyway, the first time was the worst, and since no-one complained that I put them off their dinner, I am planning to introduce more photos of myself. It is a good thing to do because people have told me it’s always lovely to put a face to a name. So the next time you are keeping watch over your flock and you feel the impulse to have your photo taken, do it! I promise not to complain that the sight of you put me off my Sunday roast. 🙂

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    1. Ha! Ha! Thank you for your delightful comments! I think for me, and perhaps others as well, we tend to think of the internet as being “only for young people” and that if an audience perceives someone as being “old” they will automatically go looking for something else. For me, I do hope that “with age comes wisdom” and that is more important than being “trendy.” (Hmm…and perhaps part of that wisdom is not being afraid to share photos of yourself?!? Will have to see how that goes!) Thanks again!

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      1. Yes, I felt that too for the longest time. Fortunately for me, chickens (like other animals) never lose the natural wisdom they are born with. Because of that, I always have something to write about. People (and myself included), all too often let the worries and stresses of the people-made world get in the way of the natural wisdom we too are born with. Just my take on the whole idea of wisdom, but then I am “still a young man” in the eyes of my own elders!

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  2. I like what my eyes see…Thanks for sharing this photo….I instantly felt more connected. 😉
    On first sight, I thought Gracie is trying to crawl behind your eye glasses…to see your shared coop & garden “with your eyes”.
    It would be funny to look at enlarged Gracie?s behind your right-hand side eye glass , while the eye glasses are still located on your nose.
    Who is the goofiest chick in the coop?

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      1. Ha! Ha! It’s okay. I think it’s wonderful that you asked. There is a great amount of love in my heart for Gracie and all of my other chickens. They have taught me a lot about life and about seeing the beauty in ways I would have otherwise missed it. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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