Before you girls enjoy your celebrations, let’s take a moment remembering Blanche whose Hatchday is also today. She gave us all so much in the short time we had with her. These past two years have been wonderful, and I appreciate all of the goodness the four of you have brought into my life.


May saffron rays
of morning’s sun
fringe the garden
edge where lilies
embrace the hue
of white feathers.

This poem was written by one of our dearest friends and readers to help us remember Blanche and to honor the joy she brought to so many.

Is there a better way to celebrate than with a corn cupcake topped with mashed avocado and an earthworm?!? Well maybe not for you, but for the rest of us, perhaps there is! How about a paperback full of your stories?!?

“Seasons Of Friendship” is now available as a paperback book through Barnes & Noble!

Visit the “Seasons Of Friendship” eBook page on the Barnes & Noble website.

We can read our favorite parts about the four of you at bedtime tonight!

For now, you can eat, eat, eat!!! It’s exactly what Blanche would want you to do! I’m going to grab my shovel and then go hunting for more worms!

My Life With Gracie taught me there is never a season when we don’t need friendship. May we always remember our friends (feathered or not) with joyful hearts.

14 thoughts on “Happy Hatchday, Blanche, Pearl, Amelia, and Emily!

  1. Happy Hatchday!

    Another year has passed
    with caring friends everywhere.
    May your journey be filled with joy & dares.
    For sure, there will be always love in the air.

    Follow your dreams
    Remember you can achieve
    All that you dream
    Whatever your mind can conceive

    So this poems brings
    wishes for you
    in hopes that the coming year
    is filled with things you love to do.

    🥗🌽🥜🍎🍅🥑 All-You-Can-It…for all of you!

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