Family Photo Friday

Yes, love never gives up, just as Emily demonstrated so well throughout her Summer Drawing Camp experiences.

Part 1 through Part 3 showed her progression towards gaining self-confidence. Part 2 was perhaps my favorite as it opened up some interesting storyline possibilities. Part 4 was especially fun to write as it showed her newly found ability to take on anything and to challenge others (like me) to do the same.

Some of you caught the “and Emily” in the side copyright and signature in Part 4’s illustration. Did you also notice the feathers added to the red knitted flag? They were something not written about, just shown in the illustration.

I wonder if Emily may try to do some knitting herself with feathers instead of knitting needles…hmmm. They do have a similarity, don’t they?

Learning to knit is not as easy as I thought it might be. And if you do know how to knit, you can probably spot the obvious error (or errors) in today’s photo! But the good thing about knitting is that it is easy to “un-knit” just by pulling the yarn. Then you can start again. And if you’re wondering whether or not Emily was glad to help with this “un-knitting” part, the answer is “Yes!”

All of this is simply to say with Father’s Day coming up this weekend here in the States, it’s nice to think about all of the fathers who have not only taught their daughters (and sons) new things but have also learned new things themselves in order to bring joy into their daughters’ (and sons’) lives.

Learn new things. Be willing to fail. Letting others see how you face your failures is just as big a lesson as how you face your successes. Do your “un-knitting” and try it again.

Love is persistent. Love never gives up. Love learns to knit if it brings joy to a little one’s life.

It’s what Daddies do, even Chicken Daddies!

Feathers by Amelia and Emily. Bamboo Knitting Needles by Clover. Silk Garden Solo Yarn by Noro, made in Japan, 45% Silk, 45% Mohair, 10% Wool. (My little girls deserve the best.)

10 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday!

  1. Chicken daddy, your day is coming up ! I am sure your daughters would be excited for this special day.
    I used to see how my mother does the knitting thing. I never tried it by myself. But I am sure you will knit something very precious for your very, very precious daughters!
    I usually give hand written cards and handmade gifts when there is any special occasion. The thing which is made by our bare hands is priceless!

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  2. Fishermen knit (or they used to). I crochet. If you drop a stitch knitting (and I do) it goes all the way down, like a ladder in a stocking. If you drop a stitch in crochet you just have to do it again.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy! I am imagining all sorts of fun situations where chickens are confused and searching for a “dropped” stitch somewhere in their coop! And of course there’s the obvious confusion between Pearl, my chicken, and the “purl” stitch! (Which for some reason was easier for me to learn than the “knit” stitch!)

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    1. Thanks, Ruth! It’s turning out to be a great day so far! Going to a baseball game this afternoon. Sadly no chickens allowed. (I think it has something to do with how last time they cackled every time there was a “foul” ball and flew down onto the field to dispute it with the umpire whenever it wasn’t in favor of the home team!)

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