Last Saturday, I set up what you might call “The Smallest Book Promotion Booth In The World” at out church’s annual Flower Festival. (All royalties from the book until December 31st of this year will go to support the mission of St. John’s Church.)

The little wooden stepladder was the one my chickens used when they first moved into their new coop. The dishcloth with the white chickens was a personal reminder of Blanche. The ceramic cookie jar to hold the bookmarks was one I had picked up at an antique mall as a Christmas gift to myself the first year I had my own chickens.

It was a great day to pass out free bookmarks with a description of “Seasons Of Friendship” as well as a link and QR code to direct anyone interested to the Barnes & Noble website. I also brought along some hard boiled eggs to give away as free samples!

I learned a great deal from this opportunity. In fact, I probably learned more about potential readers than they learned about me! There were also a lot of great questions about chickens and how they make eggs. The questions about the book itself really helped me to better understand what potential readers are looking for when selecting a book for themselves or as a gift.

Bessie’s cupcakes were very popular in the sidewalk Bake Sale Shop. She is working on the recipe to share with you soon!

Please consider leaving a rating or review on the Barnes & Noble page if you’ve read “Seasons Of Friendship” through a free download here or as a purchase there. I’ve heard ratings and reviews are very helpful with getting a book noticed! Thanks!

Visit the “Seasons Of Friendship” eBook page on the Barnes & Noble website.

Hopefully this will soon be available in paperback if all goes well.
A “proof” paperback copy should arrive in my mailbox on Monday!

5 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday!

  1. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to expand their stories. “I probably learned more about potential readers than they learned about me!”, do you think it I s where they feel like they know you already through your chickens and they wanted you to know about them?

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    1. Yes, I think so. Readers here through WordPress are probably a narrower segment of the general public than would be found at an outdoor event like the Flower Festival.

      Here on WordPress, you have time to build readership and relationship. At an outdoor event, you have only a few seconds to a few minutes. But you don’t really want to sound like you’re making a sales pitch (at least I didn’t).

      You really have to have the answers to some basic questions set in your mind. “What is your book about?” (“My chickens” isn’t a good answer!) “Who is your book for?” (“Everyone” isn’t a good answer!) I guess you could say it’s advertising at its most basic…person-to-person.

      Quite a few people had questions about chickens they had wondered about for years. “Do you have to have a rooster for chickens to lay eggs?” and “Are the eggs fertilized before they are laid or afterwards?” and “What makes the eggs brown and not white like in the store?”

      I’m not much of a salesperson and never have been! But I can talk about things I love…like my chickens and our church! (We even had special blessings for animals which I think is something fairly unique to the Episcopal Church. And several people asked why I didn’t bring my chickens, but they would have been too panicked by the dogs and cats.)


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