Tomorrow, April 25th, is “The Big Day” when we celebrate the Hatchday of Gracie and Bessie! They will both be two years old. It’s also when our first eBook will be available on Barnes and Noble!

Just as a reminder, today is the last day for our readers to get a free copy. This post has the links and directions you will need. The responses have all been overwhelmingly positive from those who have read “Seasons Of Friendship,” and we appreciate your kind words so much!

After discussing this with Gracie and Bessie, we have decided to give any and all royalties from “Seasons Of Friendship” until the end of the year to the women’s group at St. John’s Church which sponsors our annual Flower Festival from April 26th through 28th. This year, the Flower Festival follows their Hatchday. Each chapter in “Seasons Of Friendship” is illustrated with garden plants as a celebration of beauty and friendship. What a perfect combination of events!

Gracie and Bessie will help with baking cupcakes again this year for the Bake Sale part of the Flower Festival! (Maybe Bessie will share her recipes?)

The “A.W.E.-some” women at St. John’s always give and they always give their very best. They love everyone no matter what, and I’ve never known them to turn anyone away who needed help. They always have a smile and a kind word, particularly for those who are the most vulnerable and have no voice. These are just some of the reasons why Gracie and Bessie call them their friends.

Our church is in the heart of the oldest part of our city which has a large homeless population. There are many others who have a home but are still struggling in many ways. At St. John’s, we love. We help. No strings attached.

After you’ve enjoyed a free “Thank You” copy, please consider purchasing “Seasons Of Friendship” through Barnes and Noble between April 25th and December 31st. You will be doing a wonderful kindness that will help people who simply need a loving friend who will accept and welcome them just as they are.

My Life With Gracie taught me, there is never a season when we don't need friendship.

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

  1. I have refrained from viewing the free copy. You and the girls and the gifts you so freely share with all of us is worth it to me to purchase a copy when the link is available to do so. 🙂

    Love to you and the girls!

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