Thank You

You are one of the one hundred and seventy-eight best reasons for posting through WordPress. Although there are other platforms, the people who use WordPress are simply the best!

Without you, our readers, I am not so sure how “My Life With Gracie” would have developed. You give encouragement and help me to know what works and what doesn’t work.

As I was putting together this first book, I realized I would have never even thought of doing this if one of you hadn’t written, “I wish I had a friend like Gracie.” That made me think maybe there are others outside of the WordPress environment who might have their days brightened by Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Amelia, and Emily. So our first book is about that…friendship.

To show my gratitude, I’m making our first book available to our regular readers as a free ePub download for the next week until April 24th. If you don’t have a way to download and read an ePub document (or if I’ve really goofed up my link below), don’t worry, it is also available so you can read directly online.

All of this leads up to April 25th which is our big Hatchday celebration for Gracie and Bessie when they will be two years old!

“Seasons Of Friendship” will be officially available for sale as an eBook through Barnes and Noble beginning April 25th, but it is yours free to read and enjoy now! (We have plans to turn any royalties from sales into another gift as well, but that is for another post to explain!)

Here is a link that should let you download from Dropbox even if you don’t have a Dropbox account.

(Sorry! This free download was only offered for a limited time to regular readers as a “Thank You” gift..)

I have tested this and it worked smoothly for me as a direct download to both the Nook app and iBooks. (Since systems vary, I’m unable to guarantee 100% success for you.) The file will probably be too big to preview so just use the direct download option from the menu.

Here is a link that should let you read online. Just select the “Read Book” button once you’re there. After that, navigation is on the red bar at the bottom.

(This link will now take you to a preview only. Full view was only offered for a limited time to regular readers as a “Thank You” gift.)


By the way, you will noticed I simplified the cover. Although Gracie and the other girls would have liked there to be little flowers all over the front cover, I prefer this one. The brownish eggshell background and the small little baby chick just seem to work well visually and also with the overall message and tone of the book. My irrefutable logic was, “How can we have a book about chickens and not put a chicken on the cover?” (At least it was irrefutable when I was discussing it with my chickens!)

I truly hope you enjoy this book! It should be a different reading experience. Even though much of the content is pulled from these posts, in book form you can become more immersed in the lives of these amazing chickens. Hopefully you will feel like you are right there with them, sitting under the camellias and enjoying their company. Hopefully you will feel they are your chickens and your friends too.

Thank you again for reading, liking, commenting, and being our friends!


44 thoughts on “My Life With Gracie…Thank You, Readers!

    1. Thanks, and I hope you will enjoy reading! It’s just self-published, but who knows?!? And hopefully the messages inside will be helpful. That’s the main thing. Thanks again for your friendship and encouragement!


  1. Wonderfully done John!
    Love, love, love it. Congrats! my friend on the book.

    It’s a gem of inspirations that touches the heart in every story. There amusing and sweet. A chuckle here, a smile there, a thought to think about, cute illustrations, all in a pretty egg colored book. The sole picture of Gracie is enough to the meaning of what’s inside. The book shows perseverance in good and not so good times, has its rewards. I would agree with others, the hope that you inspired to achieve has indeed come to fruition. It began with this blog and has blossomed. I also agree the friendships made through this website is a blessing. And you’re among them.

    I do indeed feel part of your lil’ family. Thank you for sharing life’s antidotes with us all through your lil’ family.
    Much success my friend! God bless you wholeheartedly in sharing your soul and your beloved chickies to the world at large. Love the book, always love your stories. Looking forward to each girl having their own journey told.

    God’s love comes through so sweetly, in such a simple way, thank you again. Your sister in Christ, and an enthusiastic fan, Aida


    1. Thanks, Stu. I’m working on getting the paperback copy available now. Just have to make sure that the illustrations print well. Anyway, I truly appreciate your kind words and support! Thanks again! John

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