Family Photo Friday (Well Sort Of!)

I say “Well, sort of!” because there aren’t any chickens in this photo. It’s a view of part of our backyard garden with Japanese Iris in front of garden beds filled with potato plants. Behind those garden beds is the spot where my chickens live. So you might say this is a “chicken’s eye” view photo!

The purpose of my “Family Photo Friday” posts is mainly to show my chickens are real, not story characters I only imagine in my head. They truly do live in my backyard in the middle of a garden which is the real-life setting for what you read here. (Whether they really do dance ballet or put on comedy shows…well, that is another post for another day! But I am not going to tell Gracie that chickens can’t dance ballet! Nor am I going to tell Pearl that chickens can’t put on comedy shows!)

I wanted to share this photo with you because it is related to tomorrow’s post. Emily will return for another “heart-to-heart” conversation and our garden and the Japanese Iris have an important part even though they will not be blooming in tomorrow’s post.

The Japanese Iris will begin to bloom towards the end of May or early June, so we still have them to anticipate. They are one of my favorites in the garden. Their blooming season always seems much too short for me, and that may cause us to enjoy them even more.

Do I prefer freshly dug roasted red potatoes or a bunch of Japanese Iris? That is tough to say. One feeds the body. The other feeds the soul. But I will let Emily tell you about that tomorrow!

It will be a longer post, about twice as long as my regular posts. It is part of a series that I’ve shared from time to time about Amelia and how she wants to be the first chicken to fly to the moon and back. Here is the last posting in that little series if you are a new reader or just want a refresher.

Your encouragement is truly valued, and I hope you benefit from the deeper meanings and bits of “chicken wisdom” beneath these simple stories. If I could, I would set up picnic tables and strings of decorative lights all around their garden home and invite all of you, our readers, for a great meal! This, of course, would be followed by a brilliantly choreographed chicken ballet production.

Nevertheless, we are planning a special “Thank You” gift for all of you later this month since our backyard wouldn’t be able to hold all of you!

21 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday (Well, Sort Of!)

  1. I love your Japanese Iris. I, too, have Iris in my garden which I anticipate blooming in May. I have given up on potatoes. My coop is located in my garden. It is surrounded with electric fence, which further protects my dear girls from predators. I hope this year to allow my girls access to the garden space a bit more. They have stood at their little fence and are avidly watching everything we do to prepare the garden for plants. We throw them worms when we find them, but they are anxious to do a bit of digging themselves! I would love to sit in your garden and admire your dear girls!

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    1. Another person with a coop in the garden! How perfect! And such a convenient location for when it’s time to collect their “garden gold” that helps everything grow so much better! (if you know what I mean?!)

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    1. Thank you so very much! We truly have been blessed in so many ways. (Though I must say, we look at everything with eyes of wonder and amazement, not always the way others look at things.)

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      1. And there in itself is a wonder… by looking at things with child-like qualities we experience things differently, with awe and fascination, with profound respect and beauty.
        Sad that ‘others’ can not understand this innocence, or have lost their wonderment of life.
        Much β€πŸ•Š blessings!

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