The Evil King Of Darkest Night

This is the next in a series about Gracie’s dream of one day being a ballerina. It follows this portion of the story which introduces the field mice and this portion of the story which introduced The Evil King and Air Shadows without showing how they look.

A gray rainy and overcast day seemed perfect to continue working out the story of our ballet about The Rose Garden Princess. I began by reassuring timid little Emily if there happened to be a real-life Evil King, we would be able to smell him before he got anywhere near us. Nothing smells worse than a wet rat or opossum or raccoon or any other type of predator you can imagine!

(Everyone raised their beaks into the air as high as they could and sniffed.)

All seemed safe and so we entered Gracie’s dream again.

“I smell chickens!” bellowed the Evil King Of Darkest Night. “Smelly filthy nasty dirty chickens!”

He sniffed and wiggled his nose in all directions to pick up the smell of The Garden Princesses.

(Gracie and all of the others hunkered down with barely their beaks peaking out from their feathery pile.)

“Do we really smell that bad?” asked Emily who is always concerned about being as perfect a lady as possible.

“No, absolutely not. You smell wonderfully sweet,” I reassured her. “But sometimes evil characters say things to make you doubt yourself so they can take advantage of you.”

(Everyone nodded in agreement.)

“I will find you miserable chickens!” he screeched. “And when I do I will carry you away with me. You will lay eggs for me until you can’t lay any more eggs, and then I’m going to eat you! I will eat every last one of you! The last sound the last of you will ever hear will be the crunching of the bones of the others who have been gobbled up first!”

(Everyone muttered, “That awful beast! Chicken thief! Murderer!” But no one said it very loudly. After all, there really might be an Evil King Of Darkest Night.)

As he slowly moved through the Great Garden, all of the flowers that the Garden Princesses loved began to wither and turn to ashes. The Air Shadows swirled around The Evil King Of Darkness faster and faster as each carefully tended collection of beauty was destroyed.

(All of my chickens were silent. They did not know what to say.)

Finally Amelia spoke up. “You’re going to tell us he made it to the center of The Great Garden, aren’t you?”


“And that he captured The Garden Princesses,” added Emily.


“Will The Rose Garden Princess and the other Princesses dance in this part of the ballet?” asked Gracie. I could tell she was working out the choreography and costuming in her creative mind.

“I’m not sure. What do you think?”

“I think for this part the audience needs to stop and really think about what the world would be like if there was no beauty and no joy,” she said.

The others began to imagine it too, and I could tell they were more afraid of that kind of existence than they were of The Evil King Of Darkest Night.

Gracie continued, “Even if we had The Garden Princesses dancing as prisoners in this part, there would still be something pretty on the stage. We need the audience to think and think again of a world where there is no hope and no love.”

I considered what she was saying and then realized how right she was. “I understand exactly what you mean, Gracie. Beauty will always be beautiful even if held prisoner, even if sick and dying, even if crippled and unable to dance.

”There is something beautiful in the light of life itself.

“We really could have a world with no beauty or joy, with no hope or love. But if we don’t stop to think about how a world like that can creep up on us bit by bit, then it will be too late.”

“Air Shadows!” they all exclaimed at once.

“Yes!” I said in surprise. “It’s the things we can’t see which can take away beauty, joy, hope, and love that are truly scary. When those are gone and only shadows and memories remain, that is even scarier.”

I looked at each of them one by one and then said, “I can’t imagine my little backyard garden without the six of you and the beauty you bring into my life. Sleep well, my little princesses.”

And so I went back inside and drew a picture of a world without chickens to illustrate this part of their ballet about The Rose Garden Princess. It was not easy to draw. I wanted to include at least a hint of tail-feathers rushing away and off of the stage. But, no.

It made me sad to imagine a world with no beauty anywhere, not even the memory of beauty and love. There is something beautiful even in just their remembrances which are held like a treasure and locked away in our minds.

Without even those memories, what kind of existence would that be? It would be like falling into an endless black hole of fear and hopelessness. That is the scariest of all.

My Life With Gracie made me aware of how the world is not always a loving place.

Each post shares a glimpse into my journey as a writer and illustrator. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

21 thoughts on “The Evil King Of Darkest Night

  1. ” Beauty will always be beautiful even if held prisoner, even if sick and dying, even if crippled and unable to dance….”

    No truer words have been said!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. When you say it, it sounds like a poem to me. Thank you!

      Perhaps that should have been the main idea since it seems like a good place to end…hmmm…may need to consider some editing, especially since there did seem to be several ideas going on at the end sort of competing for importance.

      Thanks again for your feedback and reflection!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Kenisha! Isn’t it strange how we can so easily be made to wonder, “Is there anything wrong with me?” Actually chickens really do smell quite sweet. I think it’s the oil that they produce to preen their feathers. Whenever I’m holding them, I smell their feathers because I want to remember because they will not be with me always. And even if they didn’t smell so great, love covers everything!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thats right! I think this line is really deep! People just make assumptions when something’s wrong happening in their life. They try to blame themselves. I think that is in nature.
        You accept your chicks in every circumstance. Thats what I love the most! And thats what your stories and adventure shows.
        Love your chicks!


  2. It can save their life to have the idea and memories of love & beauty. And finally the Evil King is not so dangerous. He is much too transparent. It would be worse if he claims that he loves Gracie and her sisters — and that he is the only one, who loves them, while the world is a dangerous place. Finally he would let them to despair of his “love”. In this case, he wouldn`t need any prison…the chicken will stay “voluntarily”.

    I wouldn`t include a prison dance. Breaks and silence are often much more compelling and meaningful than activity.

    Best wishes from the German Biddy!

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    1. Yes, false and manipulative love is a dangerous thing. It has snared way too many. Will need to see how this story unfolds in my imagination and also how to restore our feathery heroines!

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      1. Oss! (Greeting but also: confirmation like okay).

        You should think of Pearl in an Iaido outfit! 😉

        Yoi (readiness, mentally & physically)…
        Kamaete (take your position), Pearl
        …Hajime (let`s start)!

        No Fear,
        No Hesitation,
        No Doubt.

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  3. fantasy/reality: It wonderful to really see the stories we tell ourselves and how they shape our fluid world. I can’t wait to hear of the world premiere of this soon-to-be-classic fowldance that would give so much to so many. Judi B.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Judi. Honestly, this story is going in a different direction than I had originally intended, but that is okay. Fluidity works for me!

      I am influenced by everyday people I talk to in passing and also by what I read here on WordPress.

      Like last night, I was reading through some of your posts, and your beauty as a person came through so clearly as you wrote about the medical issues and other things you have had to face.

      I think your life stories were in the back of my mind when I wrote about how “Beauty will always be beautiful” no matter what trials attempt to extinguish it.

      And so I imagine Gracie will do pirouette or two in honor of you and your overcoming mindset. Oh! There she goes now! One and two! Exquisite! All for you!


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