Family Photo Friday

Hold onto your heart, and get ready to count! How many baby chicks can you find in this photo? Believe it or not, there are fourteen!

This was taken when Gracie and her hatchmates were not even a month old while out for a backyard excursion. The portable playpen kept their exploration confined so I wasn’t chasing baby chicks in a dozen different directions.

After a long period of playing, everyone decided it would be good to take a nap in the last sunny spot left for them as their play area became filled with shadows. You can see how they like to cuddle up close and how they sometimes like to rest their heads on one another.

These were some of the best days of my life. It was when the answer to the question, “What are you going to do today?” always had the answer, “I’m going to take my chickens outside to play!”

Those were wonderful days when my little chicks were learning about their world and I was learning about them. They were such joyful days for all of us.

And if you weren’t able to find all fourteen, did you find the one little chick who fell asleep before making it to the others?

18 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday!

    1. Yes, I’ve been getting some ideas together and have even looked into self-publishing. Still very much in the preliminary planning stages though. It would really make my heart so happy if more people could get acquainted with Gracie and the others and maybe have a happier day and a lighter heart because of them. Thank you for being one of our biggest encouragers!


    1. Isn’t that interesting! I only found that one after I had cropped the photo and had it ready to post! Ha! Ha! Now you know why it’s so tough for me to keep up with them, even now with only six!


  1. So sweet. love your playful ,loving posts. My husband and I finally got our long awaited chickens to add to our homestead of 23 Icelandic sheep, three horses, and dogs and cats. We got all Dominiques to bolster the breed. So sadly, we had a fisher (a weasel) in the neighborhood that we heard screeching in the woods the night before. Our flock was just at the peep-to-cluck stage when he struck. Our dogs didn’t alert us as a result. We thought we had a predator proof set up.There was not even a feather left. Devastated as we were, we know that everybody has to eat. My husband’s subsequent illness and passing means that we never got to experience bonding with new ladies. Your posts fill in ‘what might have been” and bring me chuckles and joy. I forget which chicken magazine it is that also has children’s pages, but you might want to submit you series to them to consider. Your illustrations are priceless! Thanks! Judi B.

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    1. Thank you so much, Judi. Of these fourteen, there were eight which I was raising for friends of mine. When they moved to their new home they hadn’t learned to make their way up to their coop for the night and were sleeping huddled together in a happy little group in a sheltered corner. The second night there, a fox dug under their fencing and took all of them away in the middle of a huge thunderstorm. My friends didn’t hear anything because of the storm. The next day I helped search for them, just in case, but there was no sign of them anywhere. Things happen, when you least expect it and when you aren’t prepared.
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry about your husband. I’m glad you have a chance to experience some of the joys that chickens bring, even though you don’t have any of your own. Others have told me they have wanted to have chickens but couldn’t for one reason or another. So I’m glad that people experience them vicariously through my illustrations and stories. Thanks for reading and commenting! Your encouragement makes this worthwhile without a doubt! John

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  2. What a sweet photo! I found the little one right away. It is so dear how they sleep all cuddled and heaped together. I agree with you. Those were the best times for me too, when the chicks were small and so cuddly and fun to watch. I kept my second batch in the guest bathroom so I could be near them. I had made a little brooder out of a plastic tub. This idea proved to be rather a bad idea once they got big enough to scratch around a lot. When I moved them to the basement, I had to wash the whole bathroom down, walls and all, it was so dusty. I plan to get more chicks this spring. I have a better set up this time. Each year I learn more about how to best care for these little creatures. They have taught me so much. I enjoy reading your posts and stories so much! I do hope that you turn them into a publication for children and adults to enjoy!

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