Jumping For Joy

In the past, I’ve written about how Blanche and Pearl are different from the other chickens. Perhaps their biggest difference is their joyfulness. They absolutely jump for joy!

It’s part of who they are. They can’t help it, and when they do, everyone else needs to watch out because there is no telling where they will land. There are even times when I think they are trying to do flips in midair!

Is it a single thing which makes them jump for joy? I’m unsure. There are times when I think it must be something building up throughout the day, culminating in an unexpected explosive burst of energy and delight.

Lately I think it’s the daffodils doing it to them. Their bright yellow color just pushes them over the edge of sensory excitement after enjoying the warmth of the sunlight, the calls of the morning songbirds, and the sweet earthy smells of the river. What else could it be?

In a few months, the Japanese Iris will be blooming. They make a spectacular show lasting a bit more than a week.

Before then, the camellias will have bloomed and shed their blossoms to make the most exquisite carpet imaginable of white and pink and red. It will be deep and soft and so much fun for playing, especially if you are a chicken with a joyful heart!

Could anything made by human hands compare? I don’t think so. But it’s all in how you look at it: a slowly browning mess to clean up or an impressionistic painting made from camellia petals. The choice is up to the beholder, and my chickens and I choose beauty and joy!

There is nothing which gives me more beauty and joy in my backyard garden than my chickens. What amazes me about this is how they have no idea how much joy wells up in my heart when I even just think about them and how beautiful they are.

We are all surrounded by and a part of an immense creation with infinite ways of appreciating and responding! Whether you jump for joy (like Blanche and Pearl) or quietly contemplate (like Gracie), nurture the wonder you have in your heart. Go find some daffodils and get deliriously daffy!

Remember you came into this world with only yourself and your ability to love and find joy in the beauty around you. Remember too, if you dare to believe it, you give more beauty and joy than you will ever know just by being you.

My Life With Gracie makes me “daffy for daffodils”!

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9 thoughts on “Jumping For Joy

  1. Your feathered girls and their joyous nature and love of life is a Masterpiece in itself!

    My daffodils in the yard are beginning to bloom as well. It makes me as happy as a chicken who’s found a juicy earthworm on the top of their daddy’s shoe. (Big Grin) 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you have daffodils blooming! That makes me want to jump for joy!

      You can be sure they will love it when it’s time to divide the bulbs. So many earthworms like to stay close to the bulbs and close to the bricks lining the flower beds. It’s a great treasure hunt!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope you enjoy your daffodils to the fullest!

      Liked by 1 person

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