Family Photo Friday

I thought it might be good to share this photo of Amelia today since yesterday’s post was all about her. Of course, this only shows one side of her very dynamic and adorable personality!

This is a photo of Amelia on New Year’s Day. You can see a little of Bessie there too. While Bessie has her head buried in the breakfast salad, Amelia is giving me “the eye” and trying to figure out just what is going on. Amelia keeps me on my toes, and she doesn’t miss a thing.

When I’m filling their dry feed holder in the morning, she is the only one who will fly up to the shelf I use and inspect everything. She will even help herself to her favorite items in the mixing bucket before it’s all poured into the holder. Her most favorite? Sunflower kernels.

Sometimes I move my chair into their run area so we can all sit and enjoy time together. Amelia is the first (and often only) one to claim the chair when I go back into the house to find a treat for everyone.

Yes, she is bold and adventurous! I’ve been told when she was just a little chick, she was the first to make it to the top of the water container, the first to make it to the top of the brooder box, the first to reach anything! This is why her original Chicken Mom and Dad named her after Amelia Earhart.

Yet with such an independent spirit, she still has a very sweet side which she shows only to those she knows and loves.

You can read more about all of my chickens on this page.

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11 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday

  1. Perfect! Yesterday, I`ve revistited your blog to have a look at Amelia once more – after diving into your post about Amelia. Thx.

    ….YES, it is enough as long as she gets some room for her adventurous spirit.
    And the eye contact with a “lighthouse” and the knowledge that there will be always a pant leg to pull at, might be the wind underneath her wings, Amelia needs to FLY.

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    1. Yes! My big project for this spring is to give hem an expanded area for play that is still safe from predators. (We have opossums, raccoons, foxes, and feral cats. They all love chickens, but not in the good and friendly way.)


    1. Yes, she is quite beautiful indeed. There is a definite pecking order in every flock of chickens. Amelia is not at the top yet, but I think it’s only a matter of time. She is extremely smart…and she knows how to get her way with me if not with her flockmates!

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