Retrospective 2018

The beginning of a new year seems to be a good time to look back on the old and look forward to the new, and so some type of retrospective just might be appropriate. For me, it’s a chance to maybe see what was successful. For new readers, it’s a chance to catch up with some of the most popular posts here. (And maybe avoid those that weren’t so great!) For those of you who have been reading for a while, there may be something you missed or just want to read again.

After employing a rather intricate mathematical formula complicated enough to land a chicken on the moon along with the very reliable and soon-to-be-patented “Chicken Peck Selector,” these are the most popular posts from September 2018, our second month of “My Life With Gracie” posts on WordPress!

First “Most Popular” Post

“My Life With Gracie…An Unseen Boundary” You can read it in full here if you’d like. (For me, I’m reminded of what a good and brave leader’s heart my Bessie showed when she saved her friends.)

Retrospective September 2018

Second “Most Popular” Post

“My Life With Gracie…The Gift Of Dreams” You can read it in full here if you’d like. (For me, this may be my personal September first place choice for both the illustration and the story. I really do need to work on “The Rose Garden Princess” for Gracie!)

Retrospective September 2018

Third “Most Popular” Post

“My Life With Gracie…This New Day” You can read it in full here if you’d like. (For me, I’m reminded of those who give their all to stand with others through trials and catastrophes.)

Retrospective September 2018

Thanks for joining me on this retrospective which is a chance to look back and see what you as a reader enjoy the most!

So far, it looks like readers appreciate bravery and protecting those who can’t protect themselves, dreams and helping others attain their dreams, and standing beside others during the storms of life!

2 thoughts on “A Brief Retrospective Look At September 2018

  1. Happy New Year, John! Just to complement your brief analysis. As you might remember, I `ve shared your post about the “Little Gifts” in the Red Box. It was the 3rd successful post in terms of number of views.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How wonderful, Susanne! We are truly honored to have such a high ranking in your statistics. Gracie and the others will be thrilled to hear this too!

      It was good to hear from you while you are taking a bit of a break from posting. So glad you are doing okay, and wish you a very Happy Joyful and Altogether Fantastic New Year!


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