Family Photo Friday

Here is a photo of Blanche and Pearl on a backyard outing when they were about three weeks old, maybe a little older. They were still spending most of their time in the brooder, not quite ready to join the others permanently outdoors.

Blanche is the larger chick in the lower right looking for something to eat. Pearl is the smaller chick in the upper left hoping to have a good profile for her photo.

Pearl was always the more rambunctious of the two. She was hardly ever still and hardly ever quiet. Blanche has been a model of patience for chickens and people everywhere. She would always put up with Pearl’s silliness and just kept eating.

And Blanche did eat. A lot. And Blanche still eats. A lot more.  Blanche turned out to be the largest of all my chickens. She is much bigger than Pearl now by comparison, and her comb and wattles are easily twice as large.

From the very beginning, I believe that Blanche had a plan. She was going to be quiet. She was going to mind her own business. She was going to keep her head down. And she was going to eat everything in sight and become the largest chicken anyone in the world (or at least in our neighborhood) has ever seen.

Then she could keep her head up high. Then she could have her choice of the best sunny spots and the best dustbath spots. Then she would not have to worry about any of the other chickens pecking her. Then Pearl wouldn’t be climbing all over her and annoying her.

Blanche’s plan was successful except for the last part. Pearl still crawls all over her and all under her and does everything she can think of to get Blanche’s attention. But they are inseparable, and I’m unsure what Blanche would do if anything ever happened to her best friend Pearl.

You can read more about all of my chickens on this page.

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5 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday!

  1. I`d love to pet a chicken one day. Or don´t they like to be touched? Of Course, I don´t want to become a predator and subject to the #metoo Campaign.
    By the way, what is the life expectation of chickens?

    Since I follow your blog I`ve got a bad conscious eating chicken …and reduced my previously high consumption…I am not kidding!

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    1. Some of my chickens like to be picked up and held, but others no so much. I think it’s more of a temperament kind of thing, and also they are very careful about their feathers.

      When they all moved to the new bigger coop I built for them, Amelia stood in front of me, pecked at my jeans, and then jumped straight up about like a little toddler as if to say, “Please pick me up!” One of the highlights of my day is coming home from work and hugging Amelia. Although some days she is very coy and a bit of a tease!

      Chickens can live to be about seven to eight years old. They can lay eggs even into their “senior” years, but not often. I’ve told my girls they will never be “swimming with the dumplings” (or perhaps in Germany that would be “swimming with the Knödel or Klöße”?

      I’m really touched you have changed your eating habits because of my chickens. Honestly, I have as well. When someone offers it to me at a meal, I will eat it, but it’s not something that I buy for myself any more unless it is from a free-range chicken farm and then only rarely because it it much more expensive.

      In the U.S., most of the chickens who are raised for eggs and meat have very miserable lives. I had no idea how miserable until I got my own chickens and did some research.

      Hopefully things are better in Germany with plenty of real farm-raised animals rather than industrially-raised animals.

      I think my chickens would like you. They know who has a good heart.

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      1. Although I am very eye-dominant, I like to touch or better: feel others and like to things….and I am very curious. If there is an installation in an arts exhibition with a “do not press the button”, I used to think, that I am invited by the Artist personally…

        Yes, we have got many free range chicken farms but also huge meat Industry as well unfortunately. I ewon`t become a vegetarian but at least I am trying to reduce my consumption so that I can pay a few Euros more for organic Food.

        By the way, some time ago, I watched a TV-documentary about trees and forrests. I t was explained that the trees are communication with each other, show “emotions” (chemical), that a tree is able to recognize its own offsets and provides them with nutrition in case of emergency and so on.

        Imagine, that we are wrong and plants are also emotional, social and intelligent organisms….! Horrible!


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