Our Greatest Joy

Saturday’s special post will be all about Pearl’s comedy debut. Just remember with chicken humor, you either get it or you don’t! But I hope you do!

While setting up “Pearl’s Comedy Coop” in my backyard, I realized Gracie and I have spent a great deal of time together turning the dreams of others into realities. Pearl, the stand-up comedian. Amelia, the first chicken to fly to the moon and back. Bessie, the master chef. (We still have work to do there!)

Yet as much as Gracie wants to be a ballerina, we hardly ever spend time working on turning her own dream into a reality. She never complains. She never feels abandoned. Her heart never turns hard with jealousy towards the others.

Whenever I’ve tried to make my life all about me, the effort leaves me feeling disappointed and frustrated. There seem to be some people who can make everything all about themselves and do it quite well. But that’s not me, and that’s not my Gracie.

Maybe for us, our greatest dream is to make the dreams of others come true. Perhaps to gain your dreams, you must lose them in a greater dream.

My Life With Gracie reminded me there is something special about finding my greatest joy in the joy of others.

I will do my best to post each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

Our Greatest Joy

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