Even Small Gifts

My posts this week have been different, breaking the regular pattern of three cartoon illustrations and stories with each one getting more detailed with Saturday’s being the most colorful.

So keeping with this week’s differences, today I’m posting a larger cartoon illustration. It also stands alone rather than being part of a weekly series although I have posted some “chicken wisdom” about giving previously, and here is one of my favorite posts about the gift of dreams.

Last Sunday, I had an opportunity to speak in all three worship services at church concerning our Capital Campaign and Annual Stewardship giving.

Mostly I just wanted to thank everyone who had been giving all along for so many years to sustain our church. This was before I even knew it was there and before I even walked through the door.

It’s like they were giving me a wonderful gift before I even knew them and before they even knew me.

We are very close to reaching our Capital Campaign goal which will provide us with a new roof, repair water damage to our stonework, and replace the knob and tube wiring that could cause a serious electrical fire.

I honestly can’t imagine what my life would be like if the doors of St. John’s Church ever closed. Even more, I’m unsure what the most vulnerable in our community would do because we are in the heart of oldest part of our city with a large homeless population.

At St. John’s, we have a heart for giving, for giving our best, and for protecting the most vulnerable who have no voice.

Here is our Capital Campaign website St. John’s Church – Embracing the Future

Regardless of your faith, I think it’s good “chicken wisdom” to remember those who are most vulnerable and have no voice. It’s important to keep doors open, especially heart doors.

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