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This post is different from the usual. It gives some insight into how these drawings get from my head and heart onto your screen!

Yes! But which? Or both? I honestly don’t know. I just draw them. Put some story text with them. Then I hope they will find their audience (or their audience will find them).

This is different from may other cartoons I’ve drawn in the past which were specifically for adults. In those, dialog balloons carried the message while the drawings were just there visually and often repeated without adding very much themselves.

“My Life With Gracie” has no dialog balloons. There is a caption over the final drawing to share the main “chicken wisdom” message, however you may be thinking differently when you look at the cartoon by itself. I’m okay with that!

I think it’s possible for both children and adults to make up their own stories from the cartoons alone, even without the words. This is why I post that version first. If I can make an illustration which carries its own story without any supporting words, then the message is more universal.

Since these are more or less visually realistic cartoons, and since chickens don’t talk, the only one who would have dialog balloons would be me (or an infrequent visitor). That would certainly make it boring, don’t you think?

Me talking. “Blah. Blah. Blah.”

Chickens talking. “Bwawk. Bwawk. Bwawk.”

But that may change. I’ve shared with you before how Gracie’s secret dream is to be a ballerina and how Amelia’s secret dream is to be an acrobatic aerialist who flies to the moon and back. Those don’t require dialog.

Well, Pearl with all of her craziness has the secret dream of being a standup comedian! What’s more, Bessie would like to be a professional chef!

So we may need to figure out a way to turn chicken cluckings and bwawkings into jokes and recipe directions! For children? For adults? Who knows!?!

I will do my best to post each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

About Audience

2 thoughts on “Just Wondering…About Audience

  1. Mmmmmh…I guess, there is no need to answer this question….I can assure you. that both of us – Me and my inner mini-Me – are thrilled by your cartoons and chicken-stories & wisdoms.


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