Just Wondering

This post is different from the usual. It gives some insight into how these drawings get from my head and heart onto your screen!

How did I decide on my drawing style for “My Life With Gracie”? This was tough. I started with a more realistic style, but that felt too tight and not expressive enough for me. So then I tried drawing my chickens as simply and as minimally as possible. Now I only add extra details for the more mature chickens.

Above is the first pencil sketch of Gracie in this simplified style. Beside it is the digital cartoon made from it. You can see some similarities, but definitely some differences too. To me, it is fascinating how a few lines drawn slightly differently can make a huge change in the final feeling.

I use the Tayasui Sketches app on my iPad to do all of my final cartoons here. I outline with a “crayon” drawing tool because I like the slightly irregular and tactile appearance of the lines. This is very different from the classic dip pen lines which are used more often.

I like the idea of making these drawings easy enough for a child to draw, if they wanted, because I remember how much I enjoyed drawing Snoopy and Woodstock from Charles Schultz’s “Peanuts.” Still, I don’t think Gracie and the others have the strong personality and adventures that classic cartoon characters possess…at least not yet!

I still would like to experiment with other drawing styles for my chickens and probably will. It’s all about something that looks right to me. For example, with eyes, there are not many details now. In some ways that’s good because it makes me concentrate on doing as much as possible with as little as possible. But there are also some very expressive uses of details I would like to try.

Below are three drawings to show the progression of Gracie drawn as a ballerina. The first is a pencil sketch on paper. The second is how she appeared in the first actual cartoon of her as a ballerina. The second is how she has developed thus far. She is definitely evolving as a ballerina with her own unique style, wouldn’t agree?!?

I will do my best to post each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

Just Wondering

6 thoughts on “Just Wondering…About Drawing Style

  1. ..frankly speaking, I didn´t decide on my drawing style at all. I had nothing else available than a pad of papers / note book and a pencil available at hospital, where I sketched my cartoons.
    I like your pencil sketches of Gracie very much. The ductus of the lines is very dynamic and vivid. The lines show your creative momentum and the process of drawing…your individual hand writing. Waiving the use of an eraser usually makes the sketches even more beautiful in my view.
    But I `d love to try an app like you do one day.


    1. I think you’ve captured the essence of real drawing, even if you are using only simple materials. To tell you the truth, I do a lot of my initial sketches on Post-It notes and a mechanical pencil while at work.

      I try to save all of my “scraps” of drawings, even though they will probably never be used for anything other than reminders of how I felt on a particular day.

      The tactile feeling of a graphite pencil on paper is something that you can’t get with a drawing app, although they both have their advantages.

      I think that using what is available can be very “freeing” because you don’t have to worry about messing up an expensive piece of paper or other materials.

      Whatever you use, just keep drawing! Your style is who you are!

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      1. The “scraps” of your drawings must be a real treasure! I`d love to see it…. I don`t possess any of my drawings. In fact, they have been customized gifts that I give away to the person who inspired the individual drawing. Following the advise of a friend I took at least pictures.

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