While We Sleep

Amelia has been sleeping in one of the nesting boxes under their nighttime roosting board. While molting, it’s hard for her to get up there without wing feathers, and when she’s up there with the others, it makes it too easy for them to bother her spots where there is mostly bare skin and pin feathers.

Then again, she always has been a bit of a loner, so I don’t feel sad for her being without sleeping companions. I’m just sorry about her being unable to go where she wants to go.

This evening, we were talking about how she was the first to try out the extra high roosting board before anyone else. She loved being up high and looking down at everyone…at least until Emily also made it up there with her. For Emily, it wasn’t about being up higher than the others. It was about being with her best friend.

Yet Emily seems to be the main one who bothers Amelia where her new feathers are growing. I’d like to imagine Emily feels like she’s helping in some way. When the feathers start growing, they look like dark specks against pink skin. From an early age chicks start pecking at specks wherever they find them. I can’t imagine my Little Lady Emily picking on anyone to be mean.

Amelia and I also talked about how wonderful her new wing feathers were going to be, and in the evening light, I could see her sitting a little prettier and happier. We talked about how she had chosen a good sleeping spot because new wings grow best when we sleep.

After all, sleep is a wonderful gift. Who knows? Maybe I will wake up with wings one day! Amelia found that especially funny. Of course, she didn’t understand for people “wings” can mean something different than for chickens.

My Life With Gracie reassured me our wings will grow while we sleep.

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While We Sleep

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