Your Individuality

This week’s three posts feature marshmallow candy chicks called “Peeps”. They were one of the items I once stocked at a nearby Navy Commissary with a real friend of mine, Dennis.

There is no doubt in my mind Pearl loves being a chicken. More than that though, Pearl loves whatever part of “chicken-ness” she has been given in extra abundance.

Maybe the key to appreciating individuality, especially our own, is found in looking at what we have in abundance rather than what we are lacking. What if the things that make you an individual are things that most other people have, but you just have a “heaping helping” of them?

When we try to compare ourselves to what is popular all around us, like “mass produced” Peeps marshmallow candy chicks, we will almost always come up lacking. We totally miss how boring exterior sameness can be.

True individuality is something that wells up from the inside, not something that is stuck on the outside.

Chickens have what I call a “group or flock personality, ” but there is also an “individual personality.” I think maybe their “group or flock personality” helps keep them together for safety and protection. Their “individual personality” is what gives them an extra edge into their Chicken Daddy’s heart!

After extensive consultation with both Pearl and Gracie, my best advice for today is simply to embrace whatever is in you so abundantly it makes you so joyful you think you might just explode…even if it makes you look a little different or even goofy!

My Life With Gracie (and Pearl especially) showed me the value of being an individual.

I will do my best to post each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

Your Individuality

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