My Life With Gracie...A Startling Revelation

Since we have the bricks out, at least on the drawing board, I thought I would do a group portrait of all my chickens, past and present. This doesn’t include the ones I’ve raised for other people, just the ones I have called “mine,” including those I’ve given away. There’s also little history here. Chickens are a lot like people.

TOP ROW (Left To Right) Rudy (Rhode Island Red hen), the Emperor and the Empress (Brahma rooster and hen)

MIDDLE ROW (Left To Right) Blanche (White Plymouth Rock hen), Lefty (Buff Orpington rooster), Amelia (Barred Plymouth Rock hen)

BOTTOM ROW (Left To Right) Gracie and Bessie (Buff Orpington hens), Pearl (White Plymouth Rock hen), Emily (Gold Laced Wyandotte hen)

So here is our group portrait. You will notice Pearl is not in line with the others which is so like her. She will always be just a little different without ever intending to be.

But aren’t people like that too? Never doing what you expect or want them to do? They can’t help it. Chickens will be chickens, and people will be people.

My Life With Gracie gave me a startling revelation. Chickens don’t pose well for group portraits.

You can read a little more on this page All My Chickens.

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My Life With Gracie...A Startling Revelation

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