My Life With Gracie...Friends In High Places

So how do you tell your chicks apart when you have more than one of the same kind and they all look so much alike? This can be a challenge for some such as Buff Orpingtons which don’t have any special markings or patches of color.

Lefty was easy. He was alway running around and trying to see and do everything. He was first to the worms, first to the pill-bugs, and first to his Daddy’s heart. All of that even before he got his name, and before I knew for sure he was really going to be a rooster and not a hen.

Gracie was easy too. She always hung back from the group or stayed close to Bessie. There was that lump on her side too. She kept that side facing the wall of the brooder box most of the time. I think she was afraid the others would spot it and pick on her. In time her fluffy feathers disguised it, and she became less shy.

Bessie was almost indistinguishable from the other Buff Orpingtons except she would always go to Gracie when it was time to rest. Of the two, Bessie was more social, but she also knew exactly who her forever friend was.

There were times when Gracie dared to put aside her timidity and join Bessie and the others in whatever game they were playing. She would jump in and then jump back out just as quickly, but you could tell she was having fun.

I guess chickens must learn to flap their social wings as well.

Bessie was a good encourager and teacher. She played with the group but never ignored her best friend, Gracie. As they grew, she would protect Gracie against those who tried to bully her.

You might think, as I once did, that Bessie would become the leader of the flock, and for a while she was. Then by a series of unexpected events, the real leader and protector turned out to be Gracie. How all of that came to be is another story for another day.

My Life With Gracie helped me understand a perfect high perch is a lonely place until all your friends are up there with you.

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My Life With Gracie...Friends In High Places

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