About Dreams

It is difficult to imagine life without dreams. What kind of life would we have where the thought “One day I will…” simply does not exist?

To take away someone’s ability to hope seems like a terrible thing to do. To tell someone, “You will never…” seems like one of the worst kinds of hurts.

My chickens came into my life when I was unemployed. As an older guy, there didn’t seem to be too many job possibilities for me. Looking back, taking on “six more beaks to feed” seemed like a very poor decision financially.

Paying my bills and feeding myself took all off my resources, and I still fell short. The baby chicks were time consuming, and they needed a coop and a run which I would have to design and build. How would it be to spend money I needed to pay for my own house just to buy materials to build a home for six feathery little chicks…six balls of fluff I could almost hold in both hands…if they’d only be still long enough?

Yet my old dream of having backyard chickens became a reality at perhaps one of the lowest parts of my grownup life. Although it may not have been the most “grownup” decision at the time, those little baby chicks gave me hope and dreams. They kept me going.

So I can’t tell Gracie or any of the others, “You will never be a ballerina. Chickens cannot dance on their toes.” And I can’t tell Amelia, “You will never be the first chicken to fly to the moon and back.”

I simply tell them, “One day you will…or perhaps something even better.” That’s because each of them is “My Something Better.”

My Life With Gracie helped me see a dream can live as long as you have someone to share it.

I will do my best to post each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated! Lately I have been reworking some of my first illustrations and stories. You can view the reworked version of this post here.

My Something Better

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