“My Life With Gracie” Is Retiring!

That’s right, the “My Life With Gracie” website is being retired after three wonderful years.

But don’t panic. We will still be sharing new stories and illustrations with you through the new “The Gracie Press Newsletter.”

We believe this is the best way to stay in touch with our fans outside of an internet website. There are no social media elements such as “like” or “comment.”

It’s really all about the stories and illustrations with no distractions or questionable links. The email newsletter also makes it much easier to share with others in a safe and secure way without any advertisements or heavy marketing.

“The Gracie Press Newsletter” is currently sent out once a week on Friday. It’s sort of like a “Weekly Reader” with a featured story, a positive message, and maybe something fun to learn.

We simply want to share our stories and drawings with you, and if you choose to purchase one of our books, that’s great! And if not, that’s okay too!

The button below will take you to the sign-up page. While you are there, you can take a look at previous issues too!

Newest Book

Read a selection of chapters from our latest book titled
“A Most Wondrous Place.”
Both paperback and ebook were published in April 2021.

Author’s Page

So why spend so much time writing stories about chickens?
Learn more about the author and his little backyard flock.

Gracie and the other chickens love getting fan mail. You may reach any of us through regular mail:
John Spiers
3910 Columbia Street
Portsmouth, VA 23707

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